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Trumam Doctine Strayer University Julio Silva POL300 – International Problems Harry S. Truman assumed the presidency on April 12, 1945, after the death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The World War II was all but over in the European front, but it was still far from over in front of Asia. Although they had suffered major naval defeats, the Japanese had great power of resistance. The U.S. was the only major ally who managed to keep relatively low losses during the war and, according to historians; the Americans knew they had much to gain from ending the conflict. In subsequent years, the country assumed increasing importance in the international and economic changes have made the people forget quickly the economic…show more content…
When the Soviet Union pressured Turkey and threatened to take over Greece, he asked the Congress to help the two countries, enunciating the program that would bear his name the Truman Doctrine. Truman Doctrine is the name given to an implanted foreign policy during the Truman administration and directed to the block of capitalist countries in the pre-Cold War era. This doctrine was intended to prevent the spread of socialism, especially in capitalist nations considered fragile. With the end of World War II, Europe was destroyed and weakened politically and economically, it emerged with two world powers, the United States and the Soviet Union, which represented capitalism and socialism respectively. The decade following the end of the war was a time of rapid economic expansion and population growth in the country. After the war, the soldiers returned to start a new life at home. Industrial production began to be used for peaceful purposes. We were the only ones among the allied powers who were richer than before the conflict. The economy came to grow to 257.6 billion dollars. The Americans started spending like never before. In the middle class it has become possible to change the car or…show more content…
government declared support for this initiative; President Harry S. Truman delivered to the Congress an aggressive speech, saying that the capitalist countries should defend the socialist threat. From this statement consolidated the Truman Doctrine was in my opinion started the Cold War, the world spreading a rivalry between capitalist and socialist. References: Yale Law School Truman Doctrine 2008 Lillian Goldman. Retrieved 05/01/2012 Harry S. Truman library & Museum, The Truman Doctrine, National Archives and Records Administration. Retrieved 05/03/2012 Ryan, Halford, Duffy, Bernard. (1993) Harry S. Truman: Presidential Rhetoric. Article Title: Congress and the Origins of the Cold War: the Truman Doctrine. Contributors: Lee Edwards - author. Journal Title: World Affairs. Volume: 151. Issue: 3. Publication Year: 1989. Page Number: 131 Barnet, Richard. (1968) Intervention and Revolution: The United State in the Third World. New Yory Acheson, Dean & Geselbrach, Ray. (2008) Affection and Trust: The Personal Correspondence of Harry S. Truman and Dean Acheson. New York Levantrosser, William. (1986)Harry S Truman: the man from independence. Westport,

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