Womens role in society

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When JHVH created the world ,first ,he only made a man , Adam .Then ,he found that only when the man had a couple could he become happy , and the world would be lifeful .So , the first woman ,Eve was made from Adam’ s rib. From this, we can know that women are really an absolute necessary part of the society .however; women are not treated well at all the times. In the past, women were the symbol of weak; they didn’t have any status both in family and in society. They were looked down upon the moment they were born .When they were young , since “women without intelligence are possessed of moral integrity” ,they couldn’t study and they must stay at home everyday, doing the so-called needlecraft . At that time the women with small feet were considered beautiful, so they had to do footbinding at a young age to prevent the foot from growing. It was really a brutal behavior, because all the women had suffered a lot from this. In the family ,the women had to listen to everything of his father ,even the most important thing, which concerns her whole life ---marriage. When she was old enough to get married ,her father would try look for a young man for her ,however , the father would only thought whether the man had money or authority ,or whether the marriage could benefit him , he would never cared about his daughter’s opinion . In his opinion, he was the power , he could make any decision for his daughter. And the women would never see the other man until she had got married. Maybe we would think that the women’s role must be changed after the marriage. However, things didn’t always goes well as being thought. Women still didn’t have their own rights to make any decisions by themselves She had to submit her husband now .It’s her duty to do it, she had learned about submission from early time. She would feel happy to do all this, because in her opinion, it’s virtue to do
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