Three Obstacles Facing Women In Art

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As all we know that there were a lot of famous artists in the past. However, most of them are male. Does it imply those males were inborn with talent in art? And also, does it mean that most of females did not have any talent in art? These kinds of doubts have questioned me for a long time until last Friday. Last Friday was my first day of FineArt 105; I read two books after class, “Women, Art, and Society” and “Guerrilla Girls”. From the reading, I found out that both women and men can be artists. The reason why there were lesser women artists than men in the past are because of some obstacles which women had to face in the past tradition. The first obstacle was about the tradition in Western family. In those families of past Western, females had been considered as the property of the males in their family for example fathers and husbands. Men, who were living in that century, believed that women were created to serve men; therefore, women were kept always from school. As a result, women were rarely to have a chance to learn anything about art, so they were hard to become artists. According to the book “Women, Art, and Society”, men can achieve nobility because they are good in art, but women can only be allowed to practice act when she was of noble birth. It showed that people in the past believed women’s success in art was base on the nobility in her family; it means women’s success in art was just part of the property of her family, but not because of her. It was hard for women to prove her ability when everyone believed both males’ and females’ success were credited to male. On the other hand, the economic valuing of Western art was also one of the obstacles which females’ artists had to face. In the text book “Women, Art, and Society”, author mention that “Our language and expectations about art have tended to rank that produced by women as below that
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