Kenya Vs Usa Analysis

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English 121 September 29 2011 Analysis paper Kenya vs. United States of America Traveling around the world will open new experiences, increase your consciousness of the world situation and the lives and difficulties of other peoples. I was born and raised in Mombasa which is the second largest city of Kenya, a country located in a tropical region of Africa. I moved to the United States of American and immediately observed a lot of changes as I relocated. I knew moving from your country of origin to a foreign country is not an easy transition due to the differences of cultures, languages, and other life styles. There are always great challenges to face for immigrants. Once I first came to the United States of America, I experienced…show more content…
However, in the United States, people eat a variety of foods. Most people eat out in ethnic restaurants; specifically, Mexican, Chinese and Italian. There is no single staple food in the United States that every household eats. In America, people also eat fast food and thy buy it from a grocery store like gas station especially if they are traveling or they have an urgency to go somewhere. The second difference between Kenya and the United is the higher educational systems. In Kenya there are not community colleges, but the systems are incorporated in the universities and colleges under continuing educational programs. Furthermore, Kenya has very limited numbers of universities and colleges because there is not enough money to build more facilities and provide the necessary equipment. As a result, people do not get a quality education as needed. On the contrary, in the United States, there are many public and private universities and professional colleges. In addition, there are sufficient community colleges systems to benefit adult students like me. The quality of education is much better developed in the…show more content…
It is also mandatory in United States by law to give support for those kids who in need with any kinds of assistance. Academic and psycho- social support are commonplace in America. Another difference between Kenya and America politically is with respect to the women’s freedom. In Kenya, the women do not enjoy a freedom and power. Almost everything is under control of men. Women’s freedom is overlooked by many authority figures and they are almost deprived from freedom of speech, freedom of gathering and freedom to own properties. In many aspects women in Kenya are extremely oppressed, even though some western countries think that Kenya is one of the African countries that the offer most equal freedom for men and women. According to some Kenyan men’s mentalities, regardless of their position, they believe that women’s duties are limited to the house work such as cleaning, washing, cooking and taking care of children. It is women’s duty to accomplish these tasks or else she will get punished for failing to preform or to not obey her husband commands. Some husbands would leave their wives with children and marry other women. There is no

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