Women’s Importance Throughout the Revolutionary Era

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Kim O’Donnell HST328: U.S. Women’s History September 9, 2012 Women’s Importance throughout the Revolutionary Era The contributions from women during and after the American Revolution were needed and influential. While the men in their lives were away at war, the women stayed at home to continue the care of the house and family. Not only did women take care of the usual household duties, they also played “deputy husband” and took care of all the financial matters. After the war ended and during the rise of republican politics, women may not have been allowed to be involved in any politics directly, but they did have a major influence on the men in the political society indirectly. From the home front to the work place, women had power, influence, and respect. Throughout the Revolutionary era and beyond, the women’s role was always to be the “homemaker”. They were expected to bear the children, clean the house, make household goods, and keep their husbands happy, while the men managed the farm and the financial matters. When the Revolution began and the men were sent away to fight for their freedom, women had to start taking on some new responsibilities to keep their home a float. Women became “deputy husbands”. This meant that women, such as Mary Silliman, took over their husbands’ responsibilities including the up keep of the farm, either working on it themselves or hiring workers, keeping the family’s finances in order. It was found that that Mary “took pride in the discovery that she could cope unaided with the work of overseeing the farm chores, keeping the accounts, and dealing with household repairs...” On top of keeping those “husband” duties, Women also had to ensure that their family and home is safe if there was to be an invasion of their home. When there was a raid in a nearby town, Mary heard of this news and was on alert “She did not
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