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Women In Politics In The Middle East Essay

  • Submitted by: bonsailara
  • on February 1, 2011
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It is 21st century and Arab women are facing many challenges at global, regional and local levels. Arab states are becoming a part of growing global village and they are faced with challenges to cultural identity , values and traditions. Especially important are challenges on local level because they are bringing out the question regarding privatization, employment, family, personal status   - it all impacts women’s role in society and affects their participation in the social, economical, and about what I’ll speak today political spheres –Women must have a role in shaping the policies and strategies that affect their lives.
Arab countries already did a   great deal already to enhance the role of women in politics, but still, there is a lot of work, changes and reforms to be done.


Women are not active in politics because politics is not   safe and secure space.

BPFA – Beijing Platform for Action – calls for increasing number of women   to participate in decision making and leadership positions and equal access to and full participation in power structures and political posts.
Set the goal   of 30% for women in national decision making positions – ultimate goal is 50% ( 2002 global average in parliament was only 14%)

-> important document that is   internationally approved, that highlights the needs and the rights of the women in situations of armed conflict and suggests recommendations for
Action to ensure women’s protection and participation in all decision- making processes.

CEDAW – UN Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against women-
    ← calls for positive measures to ensure equal and active presence of women in decision making positions.
    ← RESOLUTION 1325 – Participation of women in conflict prevention and resolution; integration of gender perspectives in peacekeeping missions; protection of women and girls in conflict zones

MDG – Millennium Development...

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