Born For Liberty Sara Evans Summary

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Born for Liberty – Sara M Evans, 1997, USA Katherine Padgett History320B 1 The book Born for liberty refers to many of the roles women have played throughout American history - from their domestic and public roles. In the book we can identify all the dramatic changes women have been through in the last two decades – politics, labor force, and popular culture. It is inferred how the past have a major role and is really important in every woman’s life. It is written in the book…show more content…
New forms of public life created by women - such as having an education, to fight for their equality of opportunity to get a career, fighting for their rights and changing their role from domesticity to public suffragists- reinforced their place in society. Women had many dramatic changes throughout the years dealing with their view as a woman, politics, labor force and popular culture. In the present, American women continued live in regard to work, family, sexuality, and political changes. A. Sara M. Evans is a distinguished scholar and Professor Emeritus of History at the University of Minnesota where she taught women's history since 1976. She studied women and gender studies as it can be seen by reading her book because of the knowledge she transmits about women’s history and all the stages women went through decades ago. Sara Evans graduated from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, she was recognized as Scholar
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