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Winning Team Essay People might say that all a team needs to have in order to become a winning team is practice and skill. No, there are many more things incorporated in a winning team besides those two principals. First, a winning team must have mutual trust. Mutual trust can take a team a long way. If each member of the team believes in himself and his team mates they will have the confidence out on the field to perform an outstanding run. Second, the team needs to have confidence. Another principal a team should have is perseverance. Perseverance can take a team to the moon and back. As long as the team never gives up who knows what amazing feats they will accomplish.Finally, a team should have shared goals. A team should know what they are trying to accomplish and try to help each other out along the way, as a team. A winning team should have mutual trust. Mutual trust means the team can depend on each other. When a team knows they can depend on each other they will have more confidence. For example, if a soccer player has the ball and is being blocked that soccer player would have no choice but to pass the ball to the other team mate. Without mutual trust a team would not be a team. Another quality a winning team should have is confidence. confidence is the belief that you can rely on yourself, your team, and your coach. A team should have the confidence in their team because without confidence the entire team would fall apart. One of the most important quality a winning team should have is perseverance. Perseverance is pushing through obstacles even if you fail at it over and over again. This is one ofthe most important quality a team should have because if you’re having a bad game the team should have persevere to make it a even better game. The bad game should motivate the team to practice 10 times harder to make the next game even better. Lastly, a

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