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Windows 98 Vs Windows Nt Essay

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Windows 98 Vs. Windows NT Essay, Research Paper

It is rather difficult to choose between main operating systems, which exist today. Microsoft Windows 98 and Windows NT belong to one and the same product family made by the same producer, Microsoft Corporation. However, looking so much alike, they have a lot of differences users have to consider. The main difference is that each operating system is used by different kinds of people, according to their goals and expectations. Primarily home users use Windows 98; still supporting business applications while Windows NT is used primarily by businesses, still having some possibilities for home use. Here, I will briefly describe both operating systems, pointing out their differences, along with advantages and disadvantages each system has. Also, some conclusions are going to be made about the benefits each system provides for different people and organizations.

First of all, let me describe the main features of Windows 98. After Windows 95 release, which was a boom, Microsoft started planning for a new version. Windows 98, or Memphis, as it was previously known, was not designed to produce the revolution on the software market. It was not even to outperform the success of its predecessor, Windows 95. It was made as a pre-step in developing totally new system, Windows NT. In comparison to Windows 95, there was no major user interface change. That fact made many potential users stay on previous systems, refusing upgrade. However, being just a ?point? release, Windows 98 is one of the best systems, which ever existed. The philosophy is ?extend and improve?. Nobody was trying ?to rock the boat?. And the philosophy worked for this very system. The developers focused on four key areas where they achieved great success. The areas are as follows:

-Provide the best Internet experience possible.

-Deliver higher quality computing.

-Make computing more entertaining.

-Unlock the power of PC and accessories.


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