Rhetorical Analysis On Getting Dirty

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Reading Response: "Getting Dirty" For many years, the advertising industry has been known as a prominent and powerful industry, engaging in subliminal advertising in which most audiences are unaware of. By tricking our unconscious mind using subliminal techniques, advertisers manipulate and control us in different ways. Since advertising began, hidden messages have blossomed to the point where you can find subliminals in every major advertisement and magazines. It is part of our everyday lives, as the advertising industry has penetrated into every aspect of our society. Around every corner is another poster or commercial tricking you into buying their product. For 35 years, The Microsoft corporation and Apple Industry has been in a "technology" feud. Often, their advertising is seen to be directed towards each other. The recent commercial Apple industry marketed, "I'm PC, and I'm Mac," portrays PC as someone stereotypically known as a "geek" wearing a simple tan suit and glasses while Mac is portrayed as a charming male. As a comeback, Microsoft markets a commercial similarly to Apple's. It begins the same with the "geeky" PC standing in front of a white screen, however the difference between the two commercials starts after PC says " I'm a PC and I've been made into a stereotype."…show more content…
As seen, after PC makes his statement, the commercial then continues on to flashing between different types of people who all uses PC. The use of subliminal messaging may be perceived in different ways. The different people shown are people that the audience can relate to; fishermen, designers, parents, scientists and more. By using people audiences see everyday, in a way it is secretly saying "look, I'm just like you and no matter what job I have or where I am, Microsoft windows computer is perfect for

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