Nt 1330 Unit 3 Exercise 1 Essay

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COMPANY MERGER SCENARIO I understand that as we begin the transition of merging our two companies into one, there are many concerns. First, I need to know what operating system (OS) our new friends are using. I understand that they are using a directory service (DS), however, without knowing what type of DS they are using or what OS they are using, it is very hard to determine how to approach merging them with us. If they are using the same OS that we use, or even an older version of the Windows active directory (AD), the transition can be fairly seamless. Will the company we merge with be maintaining their existing network or will we be absorbing them into ours? If they will be maintaining their existing network, we will need to establish a trust between our DNS and theirs, to allow for the exchange of information more simply and to allow the sharing of all resources (i.e. files, printers, documents, etc.). We will also, need to know what groups and securities they have set up to allow all users to be able to access resources needed. I will need to know what members have access to certain files, because we don’t need for accounting to have access to human resources files or vice versa. If they will be merging into our network, we will need to merge their IP addresses or expand our scope of IP addresses to allow for an IP address renewal. Once I have these questions answered, I will be able to develop a much more in depth plan to account for this transition. Please, if there are any questions, comments, or concerns contact

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