William Kidd's Unluckiest Pirate

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William Kidd – the most famous unluckiest pirate. I chose Captain Kidd (William Kidd) for this project. That is because some years ago, our Russian literature teacher told us to read Edgar Poe’s story called “The Golden Bug.” The story was about three men looking for Kidd’s treasure and I really liked it. That is why I became interested in William Kidd’s life and chose him for this project. I think that it was interesting to learn about this pirate though he was an unlucky one. William Kidd was born in 1655 in Scotland. He was born in a Presbyterian minister’s family so was well mannered and educated boy. William Kidd wanted to become a sailor when he was a boy, because he loved the sea. He wanted to become a privateer or a great pirate hunter. When he grew up, he left…show more content…
They do not have any gun powders and to not wear old fashioned ‘tricorns’. They are well armed with new equipment and arms. They still use small boats and capture some ships’ important luggage. The latest reports of pirates often come from Greece, China, and Brazil. There are many other places where news about pirates still come to us. I wrote this paper to tell you some things that I learnt about pirates through this project. Now we know that William Kidd was a very unlucky pirate, though he was a famous one. He is a pirate catcher that turned into a pirate. He made his one and only capture of the Queddah Merchant. After that he was executed in London for piracy and killing his gunner. There were many other pirates too except for William Kidd. Most of what we think of them is fiction. We learn it from legends and fiction stories. Still, the truth is that the pirates of the past were not just friendly one-legged men, but they were real criminals. They wore good clothes and drank a lot of alcohol. Pirates had many different ways of punishing people and sometimes these ways would be described on their flags which were called Jolly

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