John Paul Jones

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John Paul Jones became a hero to America right as it began, during the Revolutionary War. He is considered the “Father of the American Navy.” As the wars first naval commander, America had virtually no navy. This changed because of John Paul Jones. Jones was the revolutionary war's first naval commander, for Americas weak Navy. He was a strategic captain, but had a reputation as a hot-tempered leader. John Paul Jones, originally named John Paul, was born on July 6th, 1747 on the estate of Arbigland, which is located in the southwest region of Scotland. He attended school in the near small village, Kirkbean. He was drawn to the sea at a young age, spending much time at Casethorn, a port on the Solway Firth. This was where he first boarded a vessel, only being 13 years old. The vessel brought him to Whitehaven where he began a seven year seamans apprenticeship. The Friendship brought him on his first voyage to Barbados, as well as Fredericksburg, Virginia, where he learned navigation. Upon his returned to Whitehaven he was released from his apprenticeship early due to its owner financial problems. He then became third mate on the ship King George, which was part of the slave trade. He didn’t last long in this industry because he found it wrong. After quitting the slave trade, he returned home on the John of Kirkcubright. He was forced to take command after the ships captain and first mate obtained a fatal fever. The owners then appointed him master and supercargo for the ships next trip to America. It was on this ship that John Paul had been accused of whipping the ships carpenter, which was said to be his cause of death. Once he returned to Kirkcubright he was arrested for murder, then later acquitted. John Paul began working in the commercial business in the West Indies for awhile until he killed a man for leading a mutiny against him. He was forced to flee to

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