Why Were Germany Angry About the Treaty of Versailles?

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One reason Germany was angry about the treaty of Versailles was that the lost land because of it. Germany lost land that it had won in other wars. Germany took Alsace- Lorraine from France in a another war but the treaty made them give it back. They also lost land to form a polish corridor. This would allow Poland (a land locked country) access to the Baltic Sea. Other parts of Germany were put under league of nation control. This included the Saar and Danzig. These were important to Germany as they provided it with coal and import/exports. This made Germany angry as they had coal taken from them and there port was weakened so they were not as strong and economy was damaged. Germany also lost all of it colonies. This meant that germanise empire was destroyed. One of those countries was Samoa which was given to New Zealand. Germany was not happy about losing all this land as it made them smaller, it damaged the economy and they lost colonies to make them look stronger and to help them if another war broke out. Another reason Germany was unhappy was because they were force to take war guilt. Germany had to take all of the blame for the war. This made Germany angry as they did not actually start the war and there were other people involved. Germany also had to pay reparation. This meant that Germany lost money. Germany was angry at war guilt because none of their allies had to take the blame and the lost money. A third reason Germany was angry was because there armed forces were cut. Germany’s armed forces were cut. There army was reduced to 100,000 men and their navy reduced to 15,000 men. They weren’t allowed any submarines, air forces or tanks. This meant that there army was very weak. They also went allowed to send out conscriptions. They also had the Rhineland demilitarised. Germany was not happy about their armed force being cut as it
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