Why Was Clinton Able to Win the Presidential Elections of 1992 and 1996?

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Why was Clinton able to win the Presidential elections of 1992 and 1996? Clinton won the 1992 election, because Republicans could not forgive Bush after he broke his promise to not raise taxes. Bush also lost votes in the middle-class because he did not address the economy, and instead focused on foreign policy. Bush’s campaign raised doubts about Clinton’s character and personal life, however Clinton addressed these matters on national television, and focused his own campaign of the economy, an area that Bush failed to address. Clintons was an excellent campaigner and promised things such as healthcare and tax cuts. Clinton recognized the importance of presenting himself as a centrist, and not an Old Democrat, which related to big government, and high taxes. Another aspect of the image of being an Old Democrat was that they were seen as soft on crime. To rid himself of this image, Clinton approved the execution of a mentally retarded black man in Arkansas during the presidential campaign. He carefully balanced liberalism and conservatism, by being pro-gay rights, but against gay marriage, pro affirmative action but against racial quotas. He appealed to the middle-class more than the poor. Clinton’s superiority over Bush in economics showed in a presidential debate in October 1992, when they were asked how to find a cure for the economic problems of ordinary people. Bush could not answer the question, but Clinton on the other hand shined, and told her stories that he had heard during his time as governor of Arkansas. By doing so, people believed that he truly felt their pain during the recession. Clinton’s success in the 1992 election was largely due to the fact that Bush was not able to turn his success in foreign affairs into a reason for people to vote for him, whereas Clinton’s campaign revolved around his economic plan, and was seen as a charismatic

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