Conservative V. Liberalism Rhetoric Essay

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Yleen Lubin Period 4 12/15/12 Columnist Rhetoric Essay Conservatives believe that the government should actively promote social reform to increase individual’s well being. Liberals believe that the government shouldn’t have any say in the lives of the citizens and businesses except on moral issues. Conservative Ross Douthat uses parallel structure and diction in his column on demographics. Liberal Ronald Brownstein uses logos and parallel structure to show how demographics helped Obama win the election. Conservative Charles Krauthammer uses parallel structure and figurative language to compare an Obama and Romney presidency. Frank Rich uses diction and ethos to present Romney as a bad person who should not be allowed the presidency. Conservative Ross Douthat’s column talks about the changing demographics of America and how it was part of the reason why the Republicans didn’t win the popular votes. In this column Douthat uses parallel structure by comparing Republicans constituencies and Democratic-leaning constituencies. This establishes ethos because he portrays the Republicans as well-to-do people who go to church regularly while he refers to the Democrats as unchurched and recent immigrants. This also shows the fact that the Republicans are against immigrants. Douthat also uses diction in his column. In the second paragraph, he calls the democrats minorities, recent immigrants, and unmarried. By using these specific words, Douthat is saying that the Democrats are not to be relied on or trusted. In his column, liberal Ronald Brownstein writes that demographics gave Obama the boost he needed to win the presidential election of 2012. He uses logos to demonstrate how demographics helped Obama win. He says that ever since 1992 Democrats have won the popular vote in four of the past five elections. He also writes that in
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