Liberalism Vs Conservatism

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Liberalism is the attitude portrayed by those who are fairly satisfied with their way of life yet they believe they can improve it without betraying its ideals or wrecking its institutions. A liberal tries to adopt a balanced view of the social process and is usually known to choose change over stability, experiment over continuity, the future over the past. Basically, he turns to optimism when he deals with the issues of reform. "Conservatism is committed to a discriminating defense of the social order against change and reform." A conservative knows that change is the rule of life among societies, but he insists that the past not be forgotten. He is the complete opposite of a liberal such as in he the fact that he can be pessismistic about the possibilities of reform, he chooses stability over change, continuity over experiment, and the past over the future. (Lesson 18) Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt both worked hard to bring the nation out of the great depression. They both instituted many programs and reforms to try and save that nation. Some historians even say that Hoover was the bridge to Roosevelt's new deal policy, however, these two men were very different in their ways of thinking and running the government. Never has a nation made greater strides in the safeguarding of democracy than we have made during the past three years. Wise and prudent men-intelligent conservatives-have long known that in a changing world worthy institutions can be conserved only by adjusting them to the changing time. Herbert Hoover believed that the "economic depression could not be cured by legislative action or executive pronouncement." He believed that the best contribution of the government could make, would be to encourage voluntary cooperation. This method appealed to Hoover and he believed that this was how the government should get involved and do its part.
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