Why The Idea Of a Line Of Fit Is a Useful Concept Essay

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Why is the idea of a 'line of fit' such a useful concept in explaining how an operations strategy can be implemented successfully? Changing customer demands puts pressure on companies to develop exceptional strategies that allows the company to remain competitive. Developing an exceptional strategy is just the first step in the process. Implementing the strategy comes with its own difficulty and if not managed properly can derail a company’s operations. Without effective implementation, no operations strategy can succeed. Beer and Eisenstat (2000) state that most managers get lulled into believing that a well-conceived strategy communicated to the organization equals implementation. They further state that some managers also approach changes in strategy in a narrow, non-systemic and programmatic manner that does not address the root cause of why the strategy was adopted and being implemented. The concept of line of fit is to represent a balance in the requirements of the market and an organization operations resource capability (Slack & Lewis, 2008). Applying the line of fit concept to operations strategy implementation helps a company or the implementation team to determine if the alignment between the requirements of the market and the company’s operation resources capabilities has been or is been achieved. Implementation of operations strategy can be a period of high risk. This can be mainly attributed to the fact that implementation typically involves making internal changes to the organization in terms of structure, control systems and other organizational features and also dealing with changes in the external environment (Reed & Buckley, 1988). These changes have the potential to affect the balance between the market requirements and operations resource capabilities and introduce the element of risk during the implementation phase. Most importantly
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