Tangle Case 1 Essay

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We have identified several staffing strategies that require the attention of key staff members of Tanglewood in order to make needed decisions about the acquisition, deployment, and retention of the organization’s workforce. Some decisions pertain to staffing levels, while others will pertain to staffing quality. The following are the current needs to be addressed: A. The consolidation of current management strategy, prior to any further expansion B. Direct competition following the westward expansion of companies like Kohl’s and Target presents a need for a workforce of committed, qualified individuals who will help carry the Tanglewood philosophy into the future C. Lack of centralized HR practices between regional managers which are counter to the Tanglewood philosophy D. Lack of strength in the corporate staffing function has led to the need for a central planning body in staffing as well as local leadership inefficiencies Tanglewood has accomplished goals by adhering to their core values. The companies mission statement: Tanglewood will be the best department store for customers seeking quality, durability, and value for all aspects of their active lives. We are committed as a company to providing maximum value to our customers, shareholders, and employees. We will accomplish this goal by adhering to the core values of responsible management, clear and honest communication, and always keeping performance and customer service in the forefront. Strength lies in the strong employee participation and dedication, which is critical to an organizations function and retention of their workforce. Staffing is the most critical function underlying the effectiveness of an organization. Proven customer satisfaction has become the basis of Tanglewood’s profitability allowing for expansion of stores covering the northwest. Currently, Tanglewood operates 243

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