Why Stealing Essay

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Why is stealing wrong? Stealing is a major problem in society today. Just taking something that is not yours and keeping it for yourself, is a big temptation. It affects people in several ways. For one its affects people financially. It also puts the safety of civilians in jeopardy. The emotional stress on both families causes problems. So I write to whomever reads this paper, to explain why stealing is wrong with my few reasons. Thieves affect people’s financial situations when they go out and do their wrongful actions. For instance, when a thief goes out and steals. Eventually they get caught and go to jail. Then the suspect is depending on his or her family. For example, your family putting up their life savings, just to bond you out. If you are a juvenile, instantly all your costs and fees are turned into your guardians’ responsibility. For me, I highly believe the victims suffer the most in majority of the average theft situations. The victims in majority of the cases have to pay for a lawyer to represent them during their case in court. They also have to pay court fees too, which also can be a stupendous price. When thieves break into cars or houses they instantly cause the victim to have more problems. Such as dealing with their insurance company and they can be a big hassle sometimes. Also the price of the victim’s insurance policy will most likely increase. This means that the victims will have less money than he or she usually would. Victims in majority of the theft cases have to get their stolen property back or replaced. In most cases the insurance company is responsible with replacing stolen or damaged items but, that could also raise the price of the insurance policy. Also stealing is wrong because it puts the safety of civilians in jeopardy. Most major thieves start small with little petty offenses. So eventually your average little
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