Why Socrates Refuse To Scape?

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Why Socrates Refuse of Escape from Prison? Philosophical viewpoints can be problematic. This ancient Greek philosopher conviction to die was an inexcusable waste of an invaluable thinker for the humanity; and those feeling get even worse when I realize, as per ones understanding, he was a victim of such unfair incomprehensible circumstances. Therefore, throughout the portrait of his friends, colleges and students, Socrates leaves societies a great contribution to the field of ethics, political, civil, moral, and so on. To be able survive the pass of the times and even contribute to society thought the memories of other, Socrates –and any other that may accomplish this, I should say- have to be an outstanding human being. And according to Plato’s accounting of the happening, this innocent man was offer the chance to survive his unfair conviction escaping from prison, and keep giving his doctrine to the others, but refuse to do so. Which brings us to the logical questioning: why not? Why innocent men positively choose to honor an unfair trail and to die in consequence? Why to accept to leave his live in such of unnatural way? And in the other hand, -because all coins have two sides- why his fellows propose to him such an immoral action, as to escape from prison? Those are natural questioning that anyone reading Plato, Xenophon, Aristophanes or any classical Greek philosopher, will became to have. The logical “whys”. And to find out some answers, we need to go through Plato’s dialogues, “Crito” and “Phaedo”. This conversation between Socrates and his dearest closer friends and fellows, may bring us some of the answers…if we have the good sense of reading it more than once. After been convicted in Athens for corrupting the youth and not believing in Gods, Socrates was given the chance to scape to another city to save his life.

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