Why Is Socrates Wrong

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Essay 1 In the Apology, the readers learn about Socrates trial and how he attempts to prove himself innocent from corrupting the youth. The clarification of Socrates’ argument will later be presented. By Zeus, Meletus, tell us what is better. Is it better for people to live among criminals, evil hearted people or is it better for the people to live among good civilians who have no intent of harm? Don’t bad people harm those whom they are closest to whereas good civilians or friends benefit from those whom they are closest to? His accuser agrees. Socrates continues his argument asking Meletus if there is a man on Earth that would prefer to be harmed rather than benefited from his friends. Socrates states several premises here which are…show more content…
You are claiming that I am older than you yet are you wiser than I am in acknowledging the fact that people, who do harm, harm those whom they are closest to whereas good people do good things to their neighbors, but I am ignorant to understand this. This means that if I make one of my associate’s evil, I run the risk of being harmed by his evil intentions. Overall you are claiming that I am deliberately putting myself into danger. This Meletus is not true and I don’t believe you and I don’t think anyone else will. I do not corrupt the young, I do so unwillingly or you are lying. If I do so unwillingly, the law does not demand for you to bring me to court. Instead it is required for you to get a hold of me alone, discuss the matters as to how I am corrupting the youth and then instruct me as to how to prevent this from ever occurring. If I have learned from this warning, I would have done better. You have chosen to avoid me and bring me to court without any warning, “where the law requires one to bring those who are in need of punishment, not instruction.” In this clarification from the Apology Socrates is stating that he is not persuading others to become evil. He is not converting others into wickedness. Why would he put himself into a situation that will harm him? If he is corrupting the youth he is doing it without the intention of harming others or himself. It was his accuser’s responsibility such as Meletus to approach him about the matter and warn
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