Why Smoking Should Be Illegal in Canada

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Smoking should be made illegal in Canada. There are many reasons why the illegalization of smoking would be a good thing and here are just a few, smoking alone causes approximately 40, 000 deaths in just Canada per year. Secondly, smoking wreaks havoc on the bank account, on average people spend hundreds on their smoking habits monthly. Lastly, smoking not only affects the smokers but it affects the children with family members or friends that smoke. Many smokers would argue that smoking is needed for society to function as proceeds do go to the government, but in actuality the lives of every Canadian citizen would be made better within a year of smoking becoming illegal. As a first point of why smoking should be illegalized in Canada, also typically the first point of why anyone would say smoking is bad, would be the amount of disease and death that cigarettes are capable of causing. Studies have shown that 90% of patients with lung cancer developed their disease due to smoking. Also, smoking doesn’t just cause lung cancer, smoking can cause any number of different types of cancer; bladder cancer, kidney cancer, stomach cancer, throat cancer and mouth cancer can all be caused from smoking. Finally, most if not all know that they are at risk of health problems when smoking but many don’t realize that second hand smoke is just as dangerous as it would be for the ones around you to share the cigarette, this includes children. This may not seem like a very meaningful reason to bring on the illegalization of cigarettes but, in retrospect, every Canadian citizen has been affected by smoking, many have even had loved ones pass away from smoking and many have even been sick themselves due to smoking, this is a very large reason why smoking should be abolished from today’s society. Secondly, the cost of smoking can become overwhelming. By the pack, the cheapest

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