Smoking Should Be Made Ilegal?

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Should smoking tobacco cigarettes be made an illegal in Canada? U1A7 - Assignment 4 More than 37,000 deaths in Canada alone each year are from smoking related illnesses. Why would someone even pick up a cigarette without considering the effects it will have on him or her? Cigarettes should be illegal because cigarettes are a powerful and addicting drug that is very harmful to the people who smoke them. It is also very hazardous to your financial life, and the environment. Cigarette is a type of drug. Cigarette smoke contains 4,000 chemicals and more than 40 of them are known to cause cancer. Some experts say that it's usually not the nicotine that kills but these other chemicals. A few of these chemicals are cadium, a highly poisonous metal that is also used to make batteries, formaldehyde which is used to preserve dead bodies, and lead which is a highly toxic metal. Some studies say that the nicotine in cigarettes is as addictive as cocaine and heroin, which leads to the theory of why it is so hard for addicts to stop. With all these deadly chemicals, why would someone even think of smoking cigarettes? These 4,000 deadly chemicals are more than enough evidence to make cigarettes illegal in Canada. Cigarettes are bad for anyone who smokes them. It is also a very costly habit. You may lose all your money before you know it, and you’re not even spending it on something that will last. Why pay extra money to the government? With the high taxation of cigarettes, you're basically donating your money to them. Approximately half of the price on a pack of cigarettes is tax! Contrary to what you might hear in songs or see on TV or in the movies, smoking cigarettes does not make you cool! As I get older, I see a lot of my friends going to the smoke pit on break or in between classes. I hear a lot of my friends begging other teenagers

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