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Matthew Edwards Mrs.B English 080 February 23, 2012 “I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations And you’re not in this world To live up to mine “----- Bruce Lee Smoking Cigarettes When I was in Ocean City high school, I was introduced into smoking cigarettes. I was a freshman in high school when I started to smoke cigarettes. It wasn’t all peer pressure. Actually, I always wanted to try it, but once I tried it I got addicted to smoking. Everybody around me was smoking. Peer pressure wasn’t the reason I started, but it was the reason I kept going. It all started with my friends and me in my neighborhood, that’s when the peer pressure kept pursuing my addiction. I was about 15 years old. It’s funny because when we were all kids I would say to my friends I wouldn’t smoke cigarettes ever, but really I did. It was my…show more content…
If I can stop smoking, that means everybody can, too. Smoking kills people. Remember that, people. Do not give into peer pressure for smoking because it isn’t worth it, and it’s hard as hell to quit smoking. Smoking doesn’t make you cool or feel cool. In reality it’s smelly, it’s disgusting and it kills. Smoking cigarettes has the highest death rate in America today. As Brue Lee would say, I’m not this world to live up to peer pressure’s expectations; I am only here to live up to my own. So we decided to quit, well at least try to quit. As we got older it was much easier for us to quit because, we started to motivate each other until we stopped, which we did. We were proud of each other that it had come to an end. Hooray for

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