Why Is Slater Mill Important To The Industrial Revolution?

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“…the invention of the cotton gin fastened slavery upon the country; and that, but for its invention, slavery would have long since disappeared.” (David Christy, Esq. 1860) Do you like jeans? Do you like t-shirts? Well if you do, then you have no one else to thank but Samuel Slater. He made the process for making cotton much faster than what it used to be. He invented the cotton gin. The process used to be a long hard process for a little bit of cotton. After the invention of the cotton gin it took much less time to produce huge amounts of cotton. To begin, Slater Mill was the first mill in America. It lies in Pawtucket Rhode Island on five and one half acres of land. It was established in1793 by Samuel Slater. The Slater Mill is where the industrial revolution began. It turned work from hand to machine. It was the first water powered cotton spinning mill in America. It was powered by the Blackstone River. Work days in the Slater Mill were twelve to fourteen hours long. The bell on top of the mill determined…show more content…
There were many machines there such as a drill press and a bobbin maker. These machines were all powered by one natural resource. The Blackstone River valley spun a water wheel which made all the machines work. All the machines were moving at the same time so it was very loud. They couldn’t afford for the machines not to be running all at once. There was a constant demand for everything in that mill. Many workers lost their hearing from working in that mill. The machines were all made of metal and leather belts which were used as gears. All the machines were all attached to the center drive shaft which was attached to the water wheel through gears. This one shaft made all the machines work. The mill was established by David Wilkinson who was known for his inventions. He invented the first steam powered boat but didn’t patent it. He not patenting it caused someone else to make another one and get credit for

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