Why Is English Such An Important Language?

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Since primary school we’ve been taught that we need to know English. We hear things like, “English is the most collective spoken language”; but why? Long before English became the most spoken language worldwide, Latin was actually the most articulated dialect because of the Roman Empire. When England started to rule the trades done by sea and the United States became the most powerful country after the World Wars, many countries had to learn English to get loans from the banks. We are taught that English is the language of the world, but what does that truly mean? Now in days learning a second language is one of the most important things in order to achieve getting a good job. English, being a universally spoken language, is one of the most essential languages that you might ever get to know. We have been taught that to get a good job we have to have a good profession. How do we get a good profession? We achieve a good profession by going to college. As we all know, the books which we are taught by are in the English tongue, making primary school that first introduced us the language, a very useful part of our lives. After having a good profession, English will be a great start to get a job. You might ask yourselves why, and as odd as it might sound, it is completely true. When looking for a job, one of the most looked for qualities on an employee is knowing a second language. Since English is the most globally spoken language, it is a requirement to know it in some jobs. Knowing this idiom makes business a better way for communication to fluctuate. How is English useful to me? Everyday that goes by is a fact that shows the many importance of the use of this language. Through the learning of this language, I have encountered the many times I have been trouble free from doing things that a person whom doesn’t know English would look at as complicated. From
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