Why I Want To Be Back To School Essay

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Running head: BACK TO SCHOOL Back to School Unnamed ENG 121 English Composition I Instructor: Unamed 20 October 2012 Back to School The world has become so competitive and sophisticated that education is the key between landing a successful career and falling by the wayside with a minimum job. It has been proven that employers value the discipline and level of education that potential employees bring to the table. I believe that employers are more apt to hire those who have invested time and money into something they’re committed to. Being awarded a degree speaks volumes of someone’s discipline and dedication. It’s a good indication that the employee will hold the same values in their business. I decided to return to school for a number of reasons. I’ve been in the Army for a total number of 17 years of active service. At the time of my entry into the Armed Forces education was encouraged but not enforced or implied. A Soldier could advance into the higher ranks by motivation, hard work, discipline and determination. A Solider did not have to be the smartest in order to advance besides what we needed to know, the Army taught us. They put us in military schools and classes that were tailored to teach us how to be leaders and training models to emulate. As the Army grew larger, promotion rates needed to be cut and more competitive. Soldiers would…show more content…
Someone with less experience but who achieved a degree of some kind where chosen. I have just over three years till retirement and I refuse to be the victim of this type of discrimination. I’m returning back to school to achieve my bachelors’ degree to become competitive when compared to the next Soldier. Many Soldiers rely on years of experience, the “hook up”, or hope to walk into a secure and well paying job. Not

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