Why i Want a Wife

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Judy Brady, in her essay “Why I Want a Wife”, use irony tone to list that the responsibilities of the traditional wives in society. Throughout the essay, she informs the reader about the different treatments between the gender roles and shares her desperate feeling of being a wife. The essay begins with the author categorizing herself as a wife and a mother. While thinking about her male friend who is looking for another wife after divorce, she suddenly wants a wife and she lists the reasons why she would like to have a wife. The first reason is that a wife can take care of her children while her husband goes back to school. For example, a wife keeps track of her children’s doctor appointments, makes sure her children eat properly, and always is with her children when they are sick. The second reason why the author wants a wife is that a wife can take care of her husband physical needs. She can keep the house clean, keep her husband’s clothes clean, cook the meal, or do the necessary grocery shopping for him. The third reason is that a wife listens to her husband but has no complaints about her duties. She will listen to her husband when he feels the need to explain a rather difficult point or will type his papers when he has written them. The fourth reason is that a wife can take care of her husband social life. When she goes out with her husband’s friends, she will do the babysitting arrangements or when he invites his friends to come over his house, she will take care of the needs of his guests to make sure that they are comfortable. The fifth reason is that a wife can satisfy her husband sexual needs. She will not demand him when he is not in the mood but will be ready for him when he wants it. After listing the reasons why the author wants a wife, she feels tired of her role as a wife and a mother. She wishes she could have someone to replace her so that she can
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