Myth Of Co-Parenting

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Summary of a Single Text, The Myth of Co-Parenting In the writing The Myth of Co-Parenting:How It Was Supposed to Be. How It Was the author Hope Edelman discusses all the issues and obstacles in her marriage. She talked about all the miscommunications that occurred in her marriage. It also focused around shared responsibility between the couple. Hope talked about the resentment that accumulated in the relationship over time. She also discusses the effect and changes in her life when they had children and the way there marriage was effected by this. She also explains how the relationship worked out and how they both overcame obstacles that were in their way and how co-parenting worked from her point of view. The issues she discussed about co-parenting and her marriage were about lack of time spent together, each having “equal division of labor” and entering a marriage with a false belief of it being perfect. She also brings up throughout the writing how she and her friends discussed entering a relationship or marriage with belief of co-parenting was attainable. She discusses equality in the household and how it takes both to obtain it but there are sides that will be out weighing the other. Hope brings up the fact of how when she was a child her mother would stay at home full time and maintain the house while her father was always out working to provide for the family and that she rarely saw him. She compared that to her marriage currently and they see how women are offered all the same opportunities now so that should help to create co-parenting, where parents work and both parents try to help take care of the household . She realizes that it isn't as easy as it sounds Hope brings up the miscommunications between the two of them. In one way she felt that all the daily duties and home duties rested entirely on her. Yet since she never communicates with her
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