Why I Deserve a Scholarship

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I think resourcefulness is the ability to overcome a difficult/challenging situation. I remember the time i had sprained my ankle and had to be bedridden for about 2 weeks. This was during a heavy workload of lectures at university. Being bedridden i couldn't attend lectures for 2 weeks. I didn't give up, i had a small MP3 recorder which my father had given me, i gave this to my close friend who also attended the same lectures as i did and he recorded the lectures for me and i used to listen to them on my recorder. I stuck to this practice for the 2 weeks i was bedridden and by this i didn't have to take the semester off. i also managed to score the highest marks for a particular subject at the final exam. It would be Donald Trump. Because he is a person who hit rock bottom and managed to come up in life thorough sheer commitment, Perseverance and dedication which are qualities I admire. I had an elder cousin who was addicted to cigarettes. In my younger days he had been a mentor to me. Now I knew it was my turn to help him. I knew the traditional way of telling him about the harm smoking causes wouldn't be effective. Instead I adopted a more innovative approach by telling him two stories about the "origins of tobacco". He has never touched a cigarette after that day. I always use these two stories to try and stop people from smoking and I must say I have been successful to a certain extent. (please excuse my exclusion of the two stories as they are too long to include). There was an initiative taken by the "Warehouse Project" which I was part of in 2010 to visit an orphanage and give them some toys and essentials. At first i was reluctant to go but my family pushed me and i attended. I must say it was an eye opening experience and i learnt that it is important to share resources in order for everyone to improve and come up in

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