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Instructor Helen Chandler English 1301-2023 February 9, 2012 “The last Lecture’s backgroung” The last lecture was for most of the students and readers a seemingly average book written by a writer who was going through a difficult health problem. That writer, Randy Pausch just wanted to let his audience know about his childhood dreams and how he achieved most of them. He shared with readers and listeners in one of his lectures how achieving their dreams is the best way to “live their life well.” However, going deep through the lecture, it is not difficult as an analytic reader, or listener in the case of being part of the speech, to figure out the rhetorical devices used in narration. Regardless, importance of this last lecture, these rhetorical devices were used in a very clever way to provide: clearness, persuasion, and sentimentalism. One impressive tool used was clarity, the structured and choreographed explanation between his personal and professional life, left nothing for the reader to ask for, every paragraph was clear and meaningful; by giving examples and using props to make him even more understandable, and reliable for his audience, Pausch led his readers and listeners right what he wanted. For the critics and media the most powerful rhetorical device during the whole book and during the speech given was persuasion, indeed this book was entirely designed by his writer with two big “head-fakes”; firstly, to convey his listeners and readers about what is the real way to “live life well” without wasting their life time and opportunities, according to his experience as human being and a professional; and secondly, yet more emphasized, to leave an important guide and legacy to his children, letting them know who their father was for the world, and how their father wants they live their life in the best possible way, helping others, and chasing all

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