Why Germany Can Be Blamed For The First World War

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Winston Churchill in early 1914 said Europe was an “exceptional tranquillity” the First World War was declared in 1914 when Germany and their ally Austria-Hungary announced war on; Belgium, France, Britain and Russia also known as the ‘Triple Entente’ drawing each respective empires from across the world against the ‘Central Powers’. Many people blame Germany for the outbreak of the war, but how accountable are they? This essay will investigate how far Germany can be blamed for the war spanning 4 years from 1914-1918 claiming approximately 10 million peoples lives and leaving long lasting bitterness in Europe for years to come. Germany could be blamed for the First World War, as it had ambition that out-weighed the capability of what the world could provide and the expectation of a brand new ruthless leader in Kaiser Wilhelm II. This in addition to the point that Germany had just been through an industrialisation stage and was trying establish itself as a world power lead to the First World War as this ambition lead to other countries becoming threatened. Germany was increasing in stature after defeating France in a war in 1870-1; this paired with the fact that Chancellor Otto Van Bismarck had unified the various different states of Germany into one country meant there was a huge surge in Nationalism. Kaiser Wilhelm II ascended to the German throne in 1888 and as a representation of the aggressive personality of the new leader there was a change in foreign policy as Germany embarked on a ‘Neuer Kurs’ this lead to Von Bismarck being sacked and Germany becoming a much more aggressive nation. Apart of becoming a world power Germany needed allies in which they found in Italy and Austria-Hungary in the Triple Alliance in 1882. Another change which made war more likely was when in 1894 the Schlieffen plan was made. This made war more likely as it meant that Germany had an
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