Why Faith Is Important

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Running head: WHY FAITH IS SO IMPORTANT 1 Why Faith is so Important Crystal P. Gardner Ashford University Introduction to Literature ENG125 Instructor Deffenbaugh March 25, 2013 WHY FAITH IS SO IMPORTANT Why Faith is so Important During this paper I once again chose to write about “The Welcome Table” By Alice Walker. This story really speaks to my heart and I love reading it over and over again. During 2 this paper I want to show you just how important having faith truly is regardless of the situations you find yourself in. This story is about a courageous black woman who does not care about any one single person except for praising her God and having faith that he will lead her to where she needs to go. This story has the ability to open one’s eyes on how things were in those times and just how important it was for everyone to not only have faith in God but also within themselves. I used to think the theme of this short story was religion but the more times I read it I also see a racism theme. A theme is the meaning or idea that lies behind the story (Clugston, 2010, Section 7.1). Is it possible for a story to have two different themes? I believe that the theme is how someone portrays the story. This story tells a tale of a black woman who just wants to be free, free to walk down the road, free to go to a church, but because of the society and times she lives in this is not aloud. This story also tells of a woman who puts all her faith in God and does what she knows she is not supposed to because she wants to worship her God in a church before she passes away. One can only imagine how important religion was back then since in 1991 7% of adults had no religious preference and in 1998 it doubled to 14% (Cristol, 2002). It seems that the more time passes the less people trust in religion and faith. There are a lot of religious symbols throughout this

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