Are Women Opressed by Religion

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Assess the veiw that woman are no longer opressed by religion When it comes to woman and religion there are many arguments that suggest woman are opressed and then many that say woman arent being opressed. Feminist are the main people who suggest woman are being opressed when it comes to religion. Feminist see relgion as patriachal ideology, which is where the men are in power and use religion as a way to get there ideas across. so for example they say man is made in gods image. So this patriachal ideology legitamates gender inequality where woman are concerned as women can not become higher leader in the church the highest women can go is to become a vicar. This is classed as a stain glass ceiling as women can see the goal but cannot reach it. Another way that woman are still opressed by religion is this idea ofdifferential socialiosation which is where they are more submissive nurturing and obedient and then the differential roles where women have more time on there hands as they have more time for there children and so have more time to go to church. Another way in which gender inequality proves that women are opressed by religion is there sexuality. So they are seen as a distraction and menstruation is seen as unclean and so it pollutes holy places. so for example women who are menstruating cannot touch the koran. however there are many religions thats are seen to never be opressive so for example quakerism. So not all religion opress women which agrees with the question that women are no longer opressed by religion. Although many women cannot be in higher power where the church i concerned some women have taken leadership roles in religion thus these women are not opressed which would suggest that all women are no longer opressed. mary baker eddy was a women who founded science of religion. Womans participation in religion has been declining since the
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