Ballad Of Birmingham Essay

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Ballad of Birmingham Poem Reflection The Ballad of Birmingham was a great poem that I enjoyed reading very much. It was about a child who wanted to join the march on the streets of Birmingham. After asking her mother for permission, her mother said no because she feared violence would occur and instead allowed her to go to church and sing in the children’s choir. After she leaves, the mother is relieved that the child is in a safe place. Soon after, the mother hears the sound of a bomb explode and rushes out to make sure her child is ok. She goes to the church that is now “bits of glass and brick” and does not find her child, but finds her little girl’s shoe. The first thought that occurred when reading this poem was how dedicated even little children were to free their own people and how life was like in the sixties. The little girl wanted to march the streets of Birmingham instead of going out to play. The little girl had no fear even when her mother said there would be guns and jails, clubs and hoses, and dogs that were fierce and wild. She went on saying she wanted to make our country free. I felt like the poem gave a lot of tones, feelings, and moods of the two characters in the poem. The poem showed eagerness, fear, and sorrow. I thought it was very ironic that in the poem the church ended up not being the safest place to be, but the location of the march was. I would have thought it would be the other way around. It showed how cruel people could be at this time, killing innocent children who were not even protesting. I overall thought this was a great poem, and it really caught my attention. It made me realize what even innocent people had to deal with back in the

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