Women of Brewster Place

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The Women of Brewster Place This novel focuses on seven women, struggling to survive in a world that has never been kind to African-Americans or women. Their environment further complicates their lives. Brewster Place is an impoverished and threatening neighborhood. Each woman, in her own way, plays an integral part in the making of Brewster Place. The relationships shown in this novel show similarities to certain poems, the “Ballad of Birmingham” and “Dream Deferred” seemed to be the two poems which stood out the most. The women are forced to rely on each other when the world seems to shut them out. Despite their differences, the women of Brewster Place are bound by a sense of community and sisterhood that enables them to deal with the everyday pressures they face. One of the events that drew attention was the constant struggle of trying to be the best mother while living in these conditions. This is best exemplified in the events that had happened to Cora Lee as a child, which carried on with her through adulthood and motherhood. The “Ballad of Birmingham” written by Dudley Randall is a poem written on the bombing of a church in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963. The poem conveys a mother who is looking out for her young daughter who wants to go downtown to play. In fear of violence the mother says no and tell her daughter she can go to church, which she thinks is the safest place to be. The child got ready to go sing in the children’s choir and a few moments later the mother head an explosion. She raced through the streets of Birmingham in hope to find her daughter within all of the ruble left of the church. She did not find anything but a shoe from her daughter. This poem is relevant to The Women of Brewster Place because being a single mother can be a stressful situation at times. For example, Cora Lee is a single mother struggling to raise her children. As a
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