Expectations of "Edward, Edward" and "Girl" by Jamaica Kincaid

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Explain clearly the ways in which these texts undermine your expectations. As children growing up, a relationship with our parents, especially our mothers were precious. She was there when we took our first breathe, when we first learn to walk and when we first started to speak. Mother a symbol of all that is loving and caring. However, in the story "Girl", written by Jamaica Kincaid, also the anonymous poem, "Edward, Edward", mothers and their relationship with their children were depicted in the exact opposite of what was expected. Obviously, the initial expectation of a mother being present would serve as a means of love, encouragement and overall positivity. They were expected to have their children's best interest and to provide the best possible advice that a mother could give. However, in the texts, the mothers served as a means of creating hostility. This, ultimately strains the relationship between them. In the text "Girl" which is based on the relationship between the writer and her mother, it is clear that the mother has great expectations for her child. Usually, every mother dreams of her child growing up to become a great man or woman. These dreams are often commonly displayed in the actions. However, in "Girl", the mother's actions did the exact opposite. The actions of the mother in the story were completely unexpected. Normally, you wouldn't expect a mother to talk so harshly to her child nor to openly call her child, especially her daughter, a slut. You wouldn't expect a mother to discuss men with her daughter, let alone encourage her to get an abortion. Also, you would never expect a mother to teach her daughter to be hypocritical. The mother in this story clearly wants her child to become a young lady. However, the mother' purpose comes across as overly demanding. Like the mother mentioned in the text "Girl", the mother mentioned the

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