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Why Europe? Anan Patel 12/16/13 The Europeans were the first people to explore and conquer the rest of the world. But, before they explored the world the Chinese had started this voyage project also, but they eventually receded from this because they were looking to focus more on domestic matters (DOC 2, 3, 4, and 5). The reason why Europe succeeded and the others didn’t because Europe already had advantages in society because of the plant and animal domestication, also they had enough competition between the different European countries to go out on voyages to look for more (DOC 1, 6, 7, 9) . On the other hand, the other countries weren’t able to succeed because they conquered by Europeans or their population died out from diseases or plagues (DOC 4, 5, 8). An additional document that would be used, would be a map of the different voyages and attacks Europe went on and did, this would help to see how they were able to succeed. Before Europe went on voyages at sea, China did, they had huge ships that were at the size of 400 ft. long, but they receded from this project and went on to another one. Admiral Zheng he was the main leader of the Chinese voyages that took place before the European explorations. These Chinese explorations were really helpful, but also really expensive because of the large timber ships that they built. The government put a policy shift against voyages, and put a greater focus on domestic matters. The Members of the Ming Court advocated a greater focus on domestic and continental matters, emphasizing agricultural production, internal stability, a military buildup and colonization at the edges of the Central Asian steppe, and refurbishment of the Great Wall, designed to repel invaders (DOC 3, 4). Even though China had earlier technological innovations than Europe did (DOC 2) Europe still succeeded because China was governed by ignorant
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