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Adler College Gurabo, PR U. S. History Essay I Angel R. Pérez 11-1 Professor Ruiz August 27, 2013 The opening to China 1839 – 1844 The opening to China symbolized the U. S.’s attempts to expand westward. The opening itself was very dissimilar to the Japanese, since the Chinese were willing to do so. But it wasn’t only the Americans, the British and other European powers sought China for products because of their great deal of products to choose from. The Chinese on the other hand, were getting less interested in western products as westerners to Chinese products. This disinterest led to a chain of events that led the U. S. to gaining power in China. The trade between China and the U. S. started as early as 1784, when…show more content…
This drug was called opium and was highly addictive. But the U. S. wasn’t the first to discover the opium market. The British had already established trade with China before the U. S. and discovered the opium and its market. They first discovered it after seeing more and more Chinese that used opium and decided to establish that market, which proved prosperous. At this time the Chinese had imported than it exported, but after the discovery of opium by Westerners, they began to notice the exact opposite. For the first time the Chinese exported more than they imported! After this occurred the current government at the time sought to stop this growing market to regulate the exports and imports back to normal. They proceeded to ban opium markets in the region, which maddened the British since they had already established a prosperous market on the drug. The settling of this financial problem led to the first opium war from 1839 – 1842. The war was long and bad, but at the end, the British had won and demanded a lot from the Chinese government. After the British had won, they forced the Chinese into signing the first Anglo-Chinese treaty of…show more content…
After the Chinese denied, the British declared the second opium war by attacking the ports in Tianjin and Guangzhou. After the war they were granted what they were looking for, and under the Most-Favored-Nation clause, Russia, France and the U. S. were also granted this added benefits by force. They later signed treaties in Tianjin in quick succession. These events cleared a path to the opening of China since they realized to give in to the bigger powers or they would face dire consequences like the opium wars. This is until the Chinese became the power it is today in which they could be in the position to do the

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