Why Do People Strip

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Why Do People Strip? In response to A, Brian Jones, his statement of degrading yourself to provide for your kids so they won’t hurt is accurate. Like respondent A said, “in today’s society money is easier to want than to get.” Meaning, it’s hard to provide for one self. Especially if the human being has an offspring. Stripping has been said to be the easiest job to make quick and easy money. Men and women strip majority of the time due to them being single parents. They turn to stripping to pay bills, keep clothes on their children’s back, and put food on the table. There’s a saying that you got to use what you got to get what you want. And a lot of women and men go by that saying to help them get by in this lifetime. Another reason is to get attention. For example, they might not get the love they seek from their family, so they put themselves out there to be noticed. Then there are the ones who strip just for the fun of it. Just to have something to do with their spare time and think nothing of it. They do it because the money maybe a decent pay for them and they enjoy doing what they do. There are also young people out there that strip to pay college tuition and are trying to pay off loans. Also, people strip because their childhood wasn’t so great; father figures play a big part of people turning to stripping. Like if their fathers was in and out of jail and the mom was working two jobs to take care of the family. Like it was mentioned earlier they just want a little bit of
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