Evrard's Views On Gender Roles

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N.Moreno SOC 207 R.Rollings Interview: I started this interview being so confident in knowing exactly what R.Evrard was going to say about his views on masculinity and feminity. But what I did not know is how differently my expectations would be. Him being a man I figured he was going to say the exact thing as any other men would have said, "men are more dominant than woman", "woman play a role as a stay at home, cook, clean, care for the children type of lady" and so on. Well I was wrong; from his own personal experience he witnessed things for himself and came up with an opinion about feminity and masculinity on his own. R.Evrard was raised having both parents, but that didn't last his whole childhood life. As the interview went on he explained his life struggles and how his parents later got divorced, "that's when my whole view on genders changed." he said. He explained that while his parents were together his views on gender would have been just like any other typical man’s mentality. But as he grew he seen and went through struggles with his mother being a single parent. He noticed that the way he had always thought gender roles should be weren't the ways they were turning out. "My mother played the masculine role more than she played the feminity role and that's because she had too." he mentioned how she worked every day, paid all the bills, and provided for her family, the things he used to think only a man can do. Woman could be just as strong as people think men are, and men could end up not doing anything their role in…show more content…
I do not believe that there should be a mandatory way that people view the two, due to the fact that everybody has their own opinions and all the debates we would go through if this were to
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