Why Can'T People Feed Themselves?

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Why can’t people feed themselves? As of today, third world countries do not have access to the high-quality land to feed themselves. The plentiful land they once owned has been ruined. Unfortunately, due to clear cutting by plantations many years ago, the soil has no nutrients left. “Colonialism destroyed the cultural patterns of production and exchange by which traditional societies in “underdeveloped” countries previously had met the needs of people.”(Lappe, p.184) Furthermore, the useable land that is left is not available to them. The land is owned by the past colonial countries, the United States of America and Europe. The colonist viewed third world countries agriculture as backwards and prehistoric, causing them to force their ideas of extracting wealth from their plentiful land. “Agriculture was no longer seen as a source of food for the local population, nor even as their livelihood.” (Lappe, p.185) Colonist forced many countries such as Africa, Asia and Latin America to give up their way of providing food for themselves, and instead produced cash crops under colonialism’s work programs. Cash crops were single crops the local population was forced to produce on their land, and give to the colonist, who would sell them at low prices. The colonies developed two strategies to accomplish goals. “The first strategy was to use physical and economic force to get the local population to grow cash crops instead of food on their own plots and then turn it over to the colonizer for export.”(Lappe, p.185) “The second strategy was direct takeover of the land by large-scale plantations growing crops for export. (Lappe, p.185) The colonies plan to force locals to work on plantations was taxation. “Taxation was both an effective tool to “stimulate’’ cash cropping and source of revenue that the colonial bureaucracy needed to enforce the system.” (Lappe, p.185) They
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