How Secure Was Liberal Italy by 1914

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In 1914, Italy had been made at risk of being undermined by the mounting problems that Italy was facing. Divisions between the North and the South of Italy and its many local regions were widening. The Liberal government was facing increasing opposition from both the Left and the Right, who aimed to take advantage of the fact that the Liberal’s could not even decide on issues between themselves, and accompanied by a weak industrial and economical situation, security looked a long way off for Italy. 1914 was a manageable, but exhausting time for Liberal Italy. There was a massive divide in the North from the South. The North had an industrial revolution in the late nineteenth century, although Italy’s industrial development was always going to be limited, as they did not have enough key resources such as iron and coal. The poorer side of Italy, the South, was full of peasants and no industrialisation, therefore the South suffered from a bad economy and poor living conditions. In the South, 0.01% of the population owned 50% of the land. That agricultural industry in the South was so corrupt that farmers gained no profit from their livestock and crops, therefore was inefficient and moving backwards. Communication between the North and South was very difficult, almost as if the North and South were two different countries, the Liberal government didn’t do a very good job in controlling the two divisions. Cavour said “To harmonise the north with the south is more difficult than to fight Austria or struggle with Rome.” In 1896 Italy tried to gain back their empire, in doing so they tried to take Adowa back in Africa, but suffered a humiliating defeat, and stunted their right to being called ‘a Great Nation’. Due to the fact that Liberal Italy found it hard to communicate across the two divisions, Liberal Italy was therefore unstable and not very secure. The new
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