Why Aren’t There More Women Leaders in the United States?

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Why aren’t there more women leaders in the United States? There are 20 women leader currently holding leadership over countries. Some of the well know leaders are Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia, and Queen Elizabeth the II of the United Kingdom. Only 21 percent of political office holders are female. Strangely enough 51 percent of the world’s population is female. The think that is the most strange to me is that there has never been a female to come to power in the United States. There are more women in the United States than there are men, but I don’t understand why women don’t have much power. 51 percent of women in the United States, yet only about 15 percent of women hold some type of public and the U.S. has never had a female president. Many reasons for the gender gap in U.S. are because of the negative stereotypes about how women work. For example many men use the excuse that women don’t have flexible work schedule and have to leave their job early to tend to their children. Who’s going to do the work if a woman is in control? In some case this may be true, but men don’t leave their work when the kids are sick, women do. This encourages society to believe that women are not trusted enough to be to work on time or constantly ask for time off. This makes some women discouraged and keeps women from moving forward in their careers. Society does not encourage women to become leaders in the workforce, leaving them to only to take lead in the household. Another issue in America is about pay in the work place. Is it fair for a man to be paid more than a woman? A man and a woman can have the same educational background and same level of experience, but the man may get paid up to 20,000 more a year. Even when a woman has more education than a man, he may get the job before her or get more pay. You

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