Who Should Bear the Primary Responsiblity of World War 1

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Who or what do you believe should bear Primary responsibility for the outbreak of war in 1914. The World War 1 or the Great War was regarded as the sixth deadliest conflict in history of the world, with all the great powers around the world assembling into two different factions: the allies (based on the ‘Triple Entente’ which consisted of the United kingdom, France and Russia) and the central powers (originally centered around the triple alliance of Germany, Austro-Hungary and Italy but since the Austro-Hungarian empire took the offensive side, Italy did not join them but instead helped the allies in 1916). With more than 70 million combatants mobilized of whom 60 million were European and casualties over 9 million, the culprit of this Great War cannot be hidden. Was it the assassination of the Archduke of Franz Ferdinand? Or was it really the longed wish for the Hungarian empire to act against Serbia and resolve the ‘Slavic problem’? In 1908, Austria officially annexed Bosnia igniting outrage in Serbia and Russia. Linked by their Slavic ethnicity, the two nations wished to prevent Austrian expansion. Their efforts were defeated when the Ottomans agreed to recognize Austrian control in exchange for monetary compensation. The incident permanently damaged the already tense relations between the nations. Faced with increasing problems within its already diverse population, Austria-Hungary viewed Serbia as a threat. This was largely due to Serbia's desire to unite the Slavic people, including those living in the southern parts of the empire. This pan-Slavic sentiment was backed Russia who had signed a military agreement to aid Serbia if the nation was attacked by the Austrians. Though stunningly, the death of Franz Ferdinand was not viewed by most Europeans as an event that would lead to general war. In Austria-Hungary, where the politically moderate archduke was
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