White Australia Literature Review

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Annotated Bibliography - Thursday 4-5pm tutorial 1) Tavan, G 2005, The long, slow death of White Australia, 1st edn, Scribe Publications, Victoria, Australia. ‘The long, slow death of White Australia’ encircles the fundamental ideals, concerns and history of the White Australia policy, comprehensively detailing the uprising progression of the policy as well as its gradual demise and entailing consequences. In providing an effectual in-depth analysis of the primary motivations and values manifested in the policy, as well as focusing particularly on its dismantlement through the careful evaluation of successive legislative provisions, the author thereby enables readers to effectively grasp a profound understanding of the policy’s context, its repercussions and aftermath. Encompassing the principles, background…show more content…
By focusing predominantly on the large increase of Asian immigrants subsequent to the termination of the policy, the author carefully evaluates the radical change in the large percentage of once racist Australian attitudes towards Asians. Written by a political scientist and experienced writer, James Jupp, and published in a scholarly political journal, the article thereby demonstrates a high level of reliability as well as a strong relevance to my research on the changed Australian perceptions of Asia following White Australia, and therefore will be used to supplement the basis of my essay. 4) MacLeod CL 2006, Multiethnic Australia: its history and future, 1st edn, McFarland & Company, North Carolina, America. This book examines the gradual transformation of the past and present of Australia’s immigration policies, detailing both the challenges and positive repercussions of the new multicultural

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