Is That You Ruthie

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Learning /Assessment Task 1:Short Essay (1000 words) “Is that you Ruthie” by Ruth Hegarty should be included as a resource for Indigenous Studies as students will gain an understanding of how events and Government policies of the past impacted on people, economics and society today. The “Aboriginal Protection and Restriction of the Sale of Opium Act 1897 (Qld)” was instigated by a report written by Archibald Meston and was introduced with added restrictions on the sale of opium. “Is that you Ruthie” by Ruth Hegarty is the winner of the 1998 David Unaipon Award for Aboriginal Writers. It is a true and accurate explanation of not only the life of Ruth Hegarty but also of her family and the other Aboriginals held at Cherbourg Mission from the 1930`s.Rhonda Craven states for education to be effective ‘it must be seen in the political context of contemporary Australia’(1999:16). All indigenous Australians became subject to the provisions of the “Aboriginals Protection and Restriction of the sale of Opium Act 1897 (Qld)”, (referred to hereafter as The 1897 Act). By reading “Is that you Ruthie”, you will get an understanding of why, The 1897 Act attributed to a lasting legacy of trauma and disadvantage affecting Indigenous Australians. The passing of this bill enabled the colonial government of Queensland to control every aspect of Indigenous Australians` lives. It gave the Protectors of Aboriginals in Queensland the legal right to dictate where Aboriginals could live, where they could work, who they could marry, how they spent their wages, and with whom they could associate. The government also decided if they could keep their own children (Bringing them home: 26-36). The ‘care and protection’ of the aboriginals was in fact “control and incarceration” (Kidd 1997); (Section 9 of The 1897 Act). This section gave government Protectors the right to remove Aboriginal
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