Aboriginal Disadvantages

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It is a blight on Australia’s social conscience that Indigenous Australians are disadvantaged in several social fronts. This essay will examine the social disadvantage of Indigenous Australians in the area of employment. In comparison with their non-indigenous counterparts Indigenous Australians are extremely underrepresented in the work force. This essay will examine the historical roots of Indigenous dispossession, discrimination and will feature statistical data that relays the high unemployment rate experienced by Indigenous Australians. Historically Institutional racism plays a major role in hindering the progress of Indigenous people. Institutional racism is addressed in the paper as a key factor in the social disadvantage and consecutive high unemployment rate amongst Indigenous Australians. Australia is privy to a history of wrongdoing against its Indigenous community. Andrew Armitage writes of the British invasion in 1788; ‘the land needed for the colony was obtained by an act of dispossession, assisted in British law by the convenient assumption that Australia was terra nullius (vacant, unoccupied land)’. The invasion was the cause of the ‘land wars’ that ensued and resulted in the massacre and decimation of the Aboriginal people (Armitage, 1995, p. 17). Invasion, introduction of foreign…show more content…
The board controlled the freedom of movement and personal finances of Indigenous Australians. The atrocity of the Stolen Generations occurred under the orders of the Aboriginal Protection Board. Dr Rosalind Kidd in her book Hard labour, stolen wages, writes; “the government assumed extraordinary discretionary powers over the lives of Aboriginal people” (Kidd, 2007, pg 12). Kidd (2007) describes the plight of working Indigenous Australians as akin to

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