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Which Is Most Important Between Product and Service? Essay

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Which is most important between product and service?

In marketing, the term “product” is often used as a catch-all word to identify solutions a marketer provides to its target market. Product can be classified as a good, service, or idea consisting of a bundle of tangible and intangible attributes that satisfies consumers and is received in exchange for money or some other unit of value. Goods are something that is tangible item. It is something that people can felt, tasted, heard, smelled or seen. The examples of goods are guestrooms and foods.
Services are different from the goods.   A service is an offering a customer obtains through the work or labor of someone else. Services can result in the creation of tangible goods but the main solution being purchased is the service. Unlike goods, services are not stored, they are only available at the time of use and the consistency of the benefit offered can vary from one purchaser to another.
Most of the customer usually more impressed with the service they receive, than the products they purchase. Because of that, the organizations viewed their customer service or customer support as an expense. For them it was part of the cost of doing business. These days, as service and support have become key differentiators in business, it is easy to spot the organizations that have not evolved past the idea of service as an expense. They’re the ones who treat customer interactions like a job or a competition, rather than as an opportunity. It is where they read from scripts and they quote company policy. They may hear the customer talking, but they are not listening to him.

Nowadays, customers will choose to do business with the company who provide a better all-around customer experience. It is because, a service is an activity or series of activities of more or less intangible nature where it take place in interactions between customers and service employee and it will provide solutions to customer problems. There...

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